Our granddaughters just love your clothes!!!  They last so well and are easy to put on the dolls!!!!  Great variety and quality!!!!   Appreciate your talents for sure!!!! 
From D.M. in Ohio
Hi Jan,
The clothing arrived today.  Everything is beautiful!  Thank you.
R. R. from Texas



The beauty of your doll clothing is exquisite. They are beautifully made and very creative designs. It’s very obvious you love what you do. 
I have been buying from you for quite a few years. Every time I look to see what new designs you have created .
Thank you for sharing your talent with us doll collectors/ lovers. 

From  D.P. in Deleware

Dear Jan,
     Just wanted to drop you a line, and tell you how much I love your beautiful clothes I received in the mail today! Glad I came back to your shop after awhile. You are still making great designs! Let me know if you are planning on making anymore items like the halter top outfit. Anyway, glad you are still dressing Barbie dolls still! Have a blessed New Year!
From C. E. in Louisiana



Good evening! I just received the three red Christmas Barbie dresses. WOW! They are awesome! They are nicely made!!!!! With 4 granddaughters into barbies, I WILL be back for more! Thank you for the refund on the shipping.  
Have a great Christmas 
From  M.D. in California




Mrs. Jan,

Thank you for such beautiful pieces of doll clothing. I can tell they were made with thought and care. May God bless your hands. I ordered the clothing for my daughter who loves dolls and this makes everything more realistic in her little world. I just wanted to let you know how much this was appreciated. 
N.P. from North Carolina


Received my order yesterday.  They are absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you,
From  M.S. in Delaware



Hello Jan,
My order arrived today and I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship. My granddaughter will be thrilled!
From S.S. in Minnesota


I just wanted you to know my grand daughters loved the Barbie clothes you made. They picked them up today and I received a very happy video. Thank you for your talent and expertise. 
Five star review?  

Thanks from M.R. in Wisconsin



My order arrived today and just wanted you to know our granddaughter will be thrilled with these adorable Barbie items! They are so sweet and so well made!! I will be ordering again and giving your name to other Grams. So glad I found you!!

Thanks! from M. S. in Illinois


i received my order of Barbie clothes today. They are absolutely gorgeous. You do fantastic work. These are quality clothes and my grandchildren will enjoy playing with them. Thank you again for such beautiful Barbie clothes with outstanding quality!
From H. E. in North Dakota



Hi, I can’t express to you how excited I am to find you again. Back in the early 2000’s I found a booth with your Barbie clothes for my daughter, bought a wedding dress and a few other dresses, later I wanted more but never saw your booth again ☹️ 15-20 years later I found you on line OMG now I’m buying for my daughter’s daughter (my beautiful granddaughter)
I still have the dresses I bought years ago ❤️ Still just as beautiful as the day I bought them! You have no idea how excited I am, I just received my orders today and so pleased, you make the most beautifully made dresses thank you again, I just had to let you know please keep them coming ❤️ From V. M. in Missouri

Hi, Jan,
Your shipment arrived yesterday, thank you! Every piece is just lovely. I am looking forward to seeing my granddaughter’s eyes sparkle when she sees them. And lucky me - I get to play Barbie with her! 
I am glad I found you online. From D.G.In Pennsylvania 


Hello from Minneapolis! I just received my first order and I love it all! ? I just placed a second order for more of your beautiful and we’ll-made clothes. My granddaughters will be thrilled❣️   Thank you!

From K.W in Minnesota


Hi!  I just received the Barbie cloths I ordered for my granddaughter! What a wonderful surprise , they are made so well and I know you take pride in your work not only seeing but the way you wrapped them in tissue and put them in a mailing box!!  Thank you so much!! I am so pleased!! 

sincerely  From  D.S. in New York

My grandmother sewed all  my doll  clothes and I have never seen anything to match her sewing talent until I  actually saw these 
Beautiful   clothes when they arrived.  My granddaughters love to “ shop” with me at your boutique and we have so much fun!  They keep getting more barbies, so I will be ordering  from you for a long time. I always look 
Forward tor receiving my order and  looking at the clothes myself!   From E.V. in Michigan


Just received my order and had to write to tell you how very thrilled I was with the quality of the order.  I was totally amazed at everything that I received and couldn’t be happier.  I can’t wait to give the clothes to my grand-daughter because I know she will love them and we will have a lot of fun hours playing Barbies and changing their outfits.  I was most impressed by the quality of the clothes.  I was amazed to see the amount of detail and care that went into each gown and outfit.  After looking on-line at other stores, the price of these outfits is a very good value.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with everything that I have received and will be singing your praises to everyone that I know that has a daughter/grand-daughter who is looking for Barbie clothes.  You really have an exceptional product and Ij ust wanted to let you know that I am a fan.
From N.M. in Ohio


Thank you for your fast response.  The outfits are beautiful!  Wish I was a kid again.  My last doll besides Tiny Tears was Miss Revlon.  Barbie was not invented then. Thanks again.  From M.C. In Ohio


Thank you.  My niece out grew Barbies a couple years ago but you have the cutest little outfits! I just can’t resist
Hope business is good!
Take care  From C.H. in Wisconsin


Hi Jan!

I received my package yesterday - the day after I had placed my order! That is amazing in itself - but when I opened up the box and looked at the dresses, I was absolutely blown away! They are gorgeous! The quality is at least 2 or 3 times better than Mattel Barbie clothing; not to mention ball gowns, wedding dresses and bathing suits by Mattel are almost impossible to find. I absolutely cannot wait to give these to my daughter - she will be so delighted!  I am so excited to have found your Website and will definitely be ordering again and sharing with everyone I know! It also feels so good to be supporting a local, talented craft person instead of sending money off to China for very questionable goods indeed. I just can’t compliment you enough on every aspect of your business: talent, quality, price, timeliness, etc.  You have a very, very happy customer here!
Thank you so much, and much success to you,  From J.K. in Ohio
The order arrived yesterday, in excellent condition.  My mother was very pleased.  Thank you for both the dress and for refunding part of the postage.  I'm sure we'll be shopping with you again.
From M. Q. in New York


I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my first order I received from you! I can't wait to show my granddaughter's the Valentine, Easter, and Halloween outfits I got them. I definitely will be making another purchase at some point. Perhaps after the Corona stuff going on gets better, I will visit your shop. I also have shared your information with many friends and colleagues at school.   From J.G. in Ohio
Hi Jan, 
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
These are the best words I can think of to describe your creations!
I recently ordered a few dresses and a hat for my six year-old granddaughter, as we play Barbie dolls together. I have to tell you that I felt a great sense of joy upon the box and seeing the Barbie doll clothes I received from you. I had high hopes and they were certainly fulfilled! 
Playing with Barbie dolls has a special place in my heart. I still have my "Midge" bubble-cut hair style Barbie doll from when I was a little girl, along with the clothes my mother made and the living room and bedroom furniture my dad made and other accessories. Your designs bring back lots of happy memories for me, and my granddaughter loved the new clothes. Her favorite was the pink cotton butterfly gown with the ruffle cap sleeves, along with a lovely hat with pink flowers!

Finding your website (very nicely done, by the way) has most certainly been a blessing and I already have a list started of more items that I want to get!

The quality of your products and your affordable pricing are also very attractive - A+!!!
Thank you for sharing your talents that I'm sure bring joy to many.
Thank you so much,  From K.P.i n Minnesota
Thank you for the beautiful clothes! After ordering clothes from, who knows where, I'm very impressed by the quality. I know my granddaughter will love them. 
From R.M. in florida


Thank you so much for making these clothes!!!!  I have 5 granddaughters that love their Barbies and change clothing all the time!  I have old clothing from when my daughter was young, but those are getting war torn.  The new mass produced outfits just aren’t as cute as many of your selections! 
From D.M. in Ohio
Thank you for selling your beautiful barbie & family clothes.  This is my second order with you.  My granddaughters love them!
Just wanted to say thank you!
From J.W. in Florida
Hi Jan,
Just rec'd my 4 outfits and I love them!
Thanx for being so easy to work with
and for the speedy delivery.
Will tell my Barbie friends and hope to 
do business with you again soon.
Stay safe! 
from S.M. in Califorinia


Hello Jan! I just wanted to tell you I ordered some PJ's, a robe, and 2 of the bra and panty sets. And let me tell you the quality was amazing!! The robe was super fluffy and soft and so were the PJ's!! The bra and panty sets are a very good price and are very cute!! On top of all of that it got to my house in 2 days!!! Thank you so much Jan keep up the good work!! ❤

From   G.C. in Pennsylvania
I was just on your website and saw the video.  It was so nice to be able to actually see the person who makes such beautiful doll clothes!  You are truly amazing!  I'm one of the older women who still has my two Barbies and Midge and have them on display in my curio cabinet wearing your beautifully made clothes.  I'd gotten the dolls out several years ago and the clothes had pretty much disintegrated.  None of today's Barbie clothes fit and I didn't know what to do.  Somehow I put just the right wording in the search engine and found your website and am so thankful I did.  I mostly buy gowns because I still have the "little girl" in me that likes to dress up my dolls in pretty princess gowns.  
Thank you so much for taking of your time to make these so my original dolls can have beautiful clothes to wear.
Sincerely,  C.T.

Dear Jan, 

I just received my beautifully packaged clothes for Barbie. I placed the order on 4/21/2020 and here it is 4/23/2020 and I have received them. Oh my goodness, my grand-daughter is going to be over the moon about the outfits. Her mom is an ICU nurse at Metro. Wait until she sees the pink scrubs. 
I definitely will be placing more orders in the future. Thank you for your careful attention to every detail.
From M. G. in Ohio
Dear Jan,
OMG...the doll clothing we ordered is simply breath taking! Such finely crafted items will be cherished and played with for years to come! In light of recent events in our world...my granddaughters and I will be in playing with our dolls for MANY hours!
Thank you so much...Blessings and stay healthy!
A very satisfied customer,
From S.S. in Wisconsin


I received the doll clothes at work yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful and so well made. I gave 2 girls your website. Thank you so much. I’ll be buying more as soon as my granddaughter gets old enough for Barbies. These were gifts for other people. Everyone at work was very impressed. Thank you again.
From C.S. in Ohio
I received my order of the Chelsea and Kelly dresses plus the Barbie dress and shoes.
I just wanted to let you know that you do such a wonderful job with everything that I have ordered from you.
Everything ordered from you has always been the very best.
The workmanship on the dresses is always excellent.
From  P.T. in Louisiana
Hi Jan,
Just a quick note to say thank you for processing my order so quickly.  Everything arrived safe and sound and all of the clothes are absolutely beautiful.  There is a little girl who will be thrilled to play with them every day!
Frpm H.K. in Georgia


Thanks, can hardly wait to get our package for our grand daughter's present! We ordered outfits for Barbie and Ken from you in the past, and the clothes were so nice and well made. The wedding dress was breathtaking, I wish you could have seen our grand daughter's expression of surprise! It really helped when ordering the Barbie clothes that you had easy for younger children to put on some of dresses. Have a nice day!

From G.K. in Minnesota



Jan, just received my order. The gown and the witch outfit is oh so beautiful! You sre so talented?? My granddaughters read your testimonials and said We love Jan too!!!  My granddaughters just wait for a special occasion to receive your doll  clothes. They say “Jan makes the best doll clothes ever!” It is a true pleasure that I have found you! 

From P.R. in New Jersey.


Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the beautiful Barbie clothes-they are awesome and so well made! My great niece will love them!
From J.M. in Wisconsin

Thank you so much for the Beautiful dress! My goodness what awesome work you do! Our Emma loved it! She and her mother will be ordering more!!! Hope you had a beautiful Christmas! 

Thank you again

From S.B. in Nebraska


Hi Jan,
I just received my order and the doll clothes are just beautiful!!!  Thank you so much for your expertise!  My granddaughter is going to be thrilled!  I am spreading the word about you and your website!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From J.D. In  New Jersey
I just wanted to let you know that after receiving my first order, I have placed a second order. The gowns are absolutely beautiful! The quality and affordability of your product is superb. I know my granddaughter is going to have a lot of fun dressing her Barbies.
I am glad I found your website! 
from L.T. in West Virginia
Jan ~ 
  Thank you so much for the beautiful Barbie clothes. Each outfit is so cute and so well made. My 4 granddaughters love all the clothes you make, but I probably love them even more! Ha!! Emoji I have lists for each granddaughter, with the clothes they want from each of your categories. From A.S.in FL


Hi Jan! I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with my order. What beautiful workmanship! They are a Christmas gift for my granddaughter. She will love it!
Thanks,  From D.G. in Illinois.



Hi Jan,
The wedding dress, veil, and bouquet arrived on time, and is spectacular!!
I also ordered a strapless pink short dress that is darling.  I gave the dresses to the little 31/2 year old girl I nanny for.  She adores the dresses.  Her mom and grandma did also, and they are going to check out your web site to see more selections.
The dresses look exactly like the pictures on your site, and they are made just beautifully.  Thanks for making "playing dollies" so special for this little girl and her nanny!!
from M.H. in Colorado

Hi Jan -

I visited your site after a glowing recommendation from EverythingDolls in one of her videos.  She was absolutely gushing over the quality and beauty of your items.  

First off, I would like to say she was right - the beautiful organza style dresses I purchased were exquisite!  Masterfully sewn - as good as or BETTER than Mattel’s fashion packs. They look and fit beautifully on my Barbies.  The colors used were gorgeous.  You have a lifelong new customer in me.  I also purchased the Chelsea size sleeping bags, which were adorable, of very good quality and each came with a very cute & soft teddy bear (also very nice quality) as a bonus.  I noticed many of your outfits come with such bonuses - inner tube for swimming (can’t wait till back in stock!) or little hats, Halloween buckets, etc.  It is items like this that really separate you from other sellers (as well as your exquisite clothing).  It’s nice to receive a nice little surprise rather than deal with someone who buys a doll and strips it for parts, selling each and every item for exorbitant prices.  They are greedy - you KNOW how to build a devoted following and create a reputation for a quality shopping experience.  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can’t wait to order from you again!!

Most sincerely, 

From L. G. in New York
I just want you to know that I love your barbie clothes!  I am buying for my granddaughter, but when I was young, I had a neighbor that made all my barbie clothes, and you do a very good job.  thank you.  from D.S. in Michigan


Dear Jan,
The doll clothes arrived today.  I am very impressed with the quality and how quickly you processed my order.  I will definitely be ordering from you again!
Thanks!  from B.M. in Massachusetts
I just received my order and it is awesome. My granddaughter will be here Tuesday and we're going to have so much fun playing Barbie. The clothes are so well made and beautiful. What memories we're going to make. I also have my Barbie that I got in 1964!!!!! I'll be only ordering from you. Best I have ordered since she has fell in love with Barbie!!!We need more shoes for Ken too. Your shoes fit perfect. I ordered Thursday and got it today!!!!!!!!
Thank you    From P. M. in Virginia


I received my package today and I'm so impressed! Thank you for the fast shipping and great clothes!

From C.B. in Oklahoma


Thanks for sending so quickly. We received them Monday and my daughter was thrilled! She loved each one of them and spent the evening having a fashion show

From P.F. in Texas


Hi Jan, I just received my Chelsea boy outfits and other items I ordered  . Everything is Fantastic!!! I will be ordering again soon.    Thank you. 

From W.H. in Indiana

Hi Jan,
Thank you for your prompt attention to my phone call regarding the Barbie turquoise metallic dress. I received the replacement  a couple of days ago.
You do a terrific job making doll clothes. They are well made, colorful, and  easy to get on and off the dolls. My two granddaughters, ages 4 & 6, have had so much fun 
dressing the dolls for weddings, beach parties and fashion shows when they are at our house.  I have purchased several items and have been very satisfied
with them.
Warm regards,
J.G. in Michigan

Dear Jan. Just to let you know that I was thrilled with the Barbie clothes I received from my order off of your web site. They r all beautiful. Can't wait to see my granddaughters face when she opens for Christmas! Thank you!   From H.H. in Iowa

I received my order yesterday.  They are perfect.  You do beautiful work.  Thank you so much!!  I will order again!  My granddaughter is going to love them.  

From S.C. in Minnesota
Thank you, Jan.  
I received my order today and I'm truly pleased with your work.  Every thing fits beautifully. My 4 yr old grand daughter is going to really enjoy these clothes. 
Thanks again. From D.S. in Arizona

I don't usually write testimonials...but just wanted to share how thrilled I am with the Chelsea doll clothes!  They are beautifully made and fit perfectly.  Your prices are affordable enough that I was able to order multiple items.  Thank you!

 From  L.M.in Michigan
OMG!!!   I could just cry the clothes are sooooo beautiful!!!   I am already going to give these to every girl I know as birthday presents.   I will tell everyone I know that these are the most wonderful things I have ever seen!    I searched and searched to find clothes that were FUN - pajamas for a sleepover party, lovely dresses that are elegant and have a lot of class.  
Thank you!!   As a grown up I don't think I've opened a box in the past few years and have been so delighted. 
From M.M.  In Illinois


Received the items today. Especially love the flannel pjs and teddy bears. Thank you

From I.L. in Winnipeg
I just want to thank you for making such adorable clothes at affordable prices. My granddaughters are going to Love their surprise package!
I wasn't expecting such a high quality for the price! 
I'm so glad I found your shop online and will definitely be back !
P. S. from West Virginia


Jan, the order arrived quickly, and the Barbie gowns are lovely.  I have ordered doll outfits from you on several occasions and have always been delighted with the quality, the creative designing,  and prompt service.

From N.T. in South Carolina

Oh my!  How lovely!  Our granddaughter will be thrilled.  Thank you so much, Jan.

From B.K, in  Iowa
Jan:  I just received my order and I love the quality and material you have used in making these adorable doll clothes. I ordered several for the Stacie doll and they are beautiful.  I sew and made a whole wardrobe for the American Girl Dolls for last Christmas for my Grand daughter and her cousin but time restraints prohibited me from making her Barbie Doll clothes this year.  Thank you for these beautiful dresses and accessories. 
I will be ordered more after Christmas. 
Thank you!
From B. C. in Florida 


Dear Jan, 
Just had to let you know how pleased I am with the doll clothes. They exceeded my expectations, the design and workmanship are excellent! I'm so glad I found your website.

From P.S. in Tennessee



You make the best Barbie clothes.  More Ken clothes would be good.  Thanks for taking pride in what you do. I have ordered from other places and been disappointed.  Never disappointed from my purchases from you.

From L.H. in Ohio



Received the order.  All the outfits are absolutely lovely!  I have restored & am regifting my daughter's Barbie dolls for my two granddaughers. These outfits are so sweet & age appropriate for them.

from D.C. in Georgia

Hi Jan,
My daughters are loving the doll clothes. So cute. And I appreciate your delivery.
I'm sure that I will be shopping with you again!
Thanks!   from K.B. in Michagin
I wanted to tell you that my daughter more than loved the dresses and outfits she received from you. They are all beautiful and very easy for her to put on her dolls. 
Thank you!!  From P. K. in Mississippi

Received my order today. 
So beautiful. Your workmanship is superb. I cannot wait to give then to my granddaughter. As long as she is interested in her Barbie family, we will be ordering again!
Thank you. 

from K.K. in Pennsylvania


Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I am with the Barbie clothes (and outfits for the "sisters") that I ordered for my daughter.  An extremely high quality product with excellent customer service & super fast delivery.  The craftsmanship is incredible!  Forget about the clothes in the store, you are now my go-to source.  The clothes are going to be an Easter basket surprise, and I know our daughter will love them.

From A.T. in Virginia



The doll clothes order was very nice.  I ordered a variety of things & tried the sisters' sizes as well.  The items arrived promptly, they show good quality and I was impressed that all the inside seams are finished or serged, wow.  That kind of workmanship is not found in the store brand name doll clothes.  You have a nice variety; well done!  Will you try new sizes for the changing Barbie figure recently released?
E. W. from Pennsylvania


Hi Jan, 
just wanted You to know I received  my order  of  Barbie clothes Yesterday . I was  pleasantly surprised! You do beautiful Work! My granddaughter is going to love them. After seeing such beautiful Quality work I order some more last night.?  I have bookmarked  your page and will be visting it often to see if you have any new items. You could never buy such wonderful quality work in the store!

Thank you,

From M. S. in Michigan
Hi there! Last month I orderd several Chelsea doll outfits for my grandaughter for Christmas. I have to say that she absolutely was thrilled when she opened that package! 
We "Skyped" with her on the computer so I was able to see how truly thrilled she was!! I sew all the time for her but have great difficulty with such small pieces due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
She asked me at Thanksgiving to make her some doll clothes but hard as I tried it proved to be too much for these painful fingers. 
I want to thank you for allowing me to provide her with quality handmade items even though they weren't made by me. I will be ordering again from you soon!!!
All the best, From B. M  in Arizona

Just wanted to tell you how much my Granddaughters loved the clothes I ordered.  I was thrilled with your quality and attention to detail.  Happy New Year!

From D. R. in Kansas


I have received my order and I just LOVE the clothes!! Beautiful quality and design. My little girl is so happy. As am I. Quality merchandise. Bravo

From D.P.  in New Jersey



Just received the doll clothes today.  They are gorgeous!  I'm sure my granddaughter will be very happy.  
Thank you,

From M.W. in Indiana

Hi Jan,
Wow. I received my order and I can't tell you how happy I am!  The clothes fit perfectly and were so well made they make all the other clothes I've ordered from other sites look trashy.  I will certainly be placing more orders!
Thank you so much. 
From T.T. in Ohio


Hello Jan,

I received the Barbie clothes yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased…they are adorable!  Our granddaughter will love them.  I hope I can wait until Christmas to give them to her.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

From J.C. in Ohio


I was so surprised at how fast the doll clothes arrived! They are beautiful and I"m so glad I found you online, your clothes are quality pieces at a reasonable price. My Granddaughter will be thrilled with the outfits for Skipper and Stacie. I'll be ordering more in the future. 

From P.S. in Florida


I received my order today, and I already gave these as gifts to my 6 and 10 yr. old granddaughter, plus the Ken PJs for my 8 yr. old grandson.  All of them like to play together so they were thrilled with the items—especially the hats.  I will be ordering more items later.  Your workmanship is really great, and I like the fact that most of the outfits you sell are not so sexy like most outfits worn on the Barbie dolls in stores.  The dresses I ordered are so sweet, and the fabric is of nice quality.  I wish I were a little girl so that I could have such lovely Barbie and friends’ outfits!  Thanks again! from  E.P. in California


Jan- Wanted to let you know I received my order. All I can say is “ADORABLE”! The tiny detail in each piece is remarkable. Thank you so much. My granddaughter will enjoy the outfits. I will order again probably after Christmas. Take care and once again- Thank You! You did a wonderful job.

From J.M. in Ohio


Dear Ms. Collier:  I received my order so promptly; thank you!  I was so pleased when I opened the package.  You make the most beautiful Barbie dresses!  Why didn't I think of searching on-line for doll clothes before?!  And I appreciate that you packaged them so carefully.  I can't wait for my granddaughter to open them on her birthday.  She'll be thrilled, I'm sure.  Thanks again.     S.P. from Illinois

Received the order of clothes yesterday, they are great! Wonderful quality workmanship, SO much better than the China-made stuff at Walmart! My granddaughter is going to be thrilled. Thank you so much for your speedy delivery too! I definitely will be ordering more (I like the Christmas outfits).  :)
Thank you again,
From L. L. in Michigan


Received the box today.  I was VERY pleased with the clothes.  THANK YOU!  I'm sure I will be buying more in the near future for my 4 yr. old Great Granddaughter. From S.G. in Minnesota


Thank you for such fast service. The quality of all the doll clothes is beautiful. My granddaughters loved everything I bought previously from you and now they asked for pjs for Stacie and Skipper, which are hard to find elsewhere. I'll be ordering from your site again. Everyone was impressed with all the doll clothes!

From A.T. in New York

Dear Jan,
I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to receive your lovely box of Barbie treasures!  The wedding dress is gorgeous, and the sparkly gowns we are using for the bridesmaids are so spectacular!  They brought a tear to my eye when I opened them!  They are even more lovely in person, if that is possible!  Your impressive packaging was as exciting as unveiling a gown for a real bride!  Your quality and magnificent creativity are so special and so appreciated.  My granddaughter loves to recreate her aunt’s recent wedding, so these gowns are extra special.  The Ken scrubs and karate outfits are so much fun!  Ken is now a pediatric doctor, who keeps in shape by doing karate!  We are so excited to have found your wonderful site and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!!  We’ll definitely be back!    From S.W. in Illinois


I received my order yesterday ! that is certainly fast delivery. My granddaughter is just starting with her Barbie collection and she will be thrilled with these clothes. Thank you so much, your work is excellent!

From P.H. in Iowa


Hi Jan,
We received our order yesterday in the mail. My 6 year old daughter was so excited to open the package, and we could not have been more delighted with the dresses! They are so beautiful! 
This afternoon my daughter's Barbie doll will be getting married. She, and her two bridesmaids will be gorgeous in their new dresses! :) 
Thanks Again,

From V.G. in Massachusetts 


Just wanted to let you know that we received the barbie clothes and we loved them. I will be ordering more clothes from you very well made. A big THANK YOU.  

From L.W. in Ohio 

Hi, Jan!  I ordered a few sets of Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea clothes for my girls, and I wanted to let you know that they were an absolute hit!!  My girls LOVE them!  Finding clothes for Barbie's younger sisters is a little tricky, and I'm so glad that my 12 year-old found your website.  We will definitely be purchasing again!
Thanks again so much!  
From J. S. in Vermont


My order for three of your doll gowns was received on Monday.  I am so pleased with the order.  The gowns are beautiful and sewn very well.

My granddaughter is only three this week but is fairly advanced for her age and loves the Princess/Barbie type dolls and dressing them. I know your doll clothes will hold up very well with even little fingers dressing and undressing.
I'm glad I found your web site, and I hope to get more dresses for both my little granddaughters.
Thank you.
R.S. from Kansas


Hi Jan,

My granddaughter opened the several Stacie & Chelsea fashion outfits I purchased from you last week.  She-absolutely-loves-them!!
And especially the hats. 

I will definately be ordering again  soon.  

Here's a pic from last night's play session.

Sincerely & Thanks,

M. H. from California


Thank you, Jan!

The "Stacie & Chelsea" outfits are so adorable, received them today...wow, fast!  

Can't wait for the weekend when my granddaughter stays at my home...she will love them!  
If they fit, I'll order several more outfits eventually. 

Many thanks!
Sincerely, M. H. from California



I just wanted to let you know that I just opened the box with the doll clothes I bought for my granddaughter (I've been out of town)and I love them.  They are awesome. Sometimes it's hard to tell about the quality of the things you are buying off the internet, but these are very nice quality.  Thank you!!  I will definitely be ordering more from you and recommending you to all my friends.  

Thank you so much!!

From C. J. in Texas



Hi Jan, My order just arrived. I am so pleased with the quality of the clothing and the prompt delivery. Thank you, so much!!

From K.C. in Wisconsin


I want to tell you how pleased I am with the dresses including the very nice fabric & the stitching.  Also they came wrapped very nicely in tissue paper & a box that didn't crush them. I am sure I will be ordering from you again.  Thanks for being a great seller! 
 From C. B. in Indiana  


Just wanted to let you know that your Barbie clothes are beautiful!  My little girl will be very happy.
Have a good day!
 from  C.L. in New York



Thank you for sending the tracking info. Our package arrived yesterday. It was just like Christmas again. My wife and three year old granddaughter love all the clothes that you make. This is our third order from you and we are very happy with the clothes and the service. The Easter Bunny costume is the funniest.

Thank you again for helping to make great memories at our home,

J.B. from Texas


 Received the doll clothes today and my granddaughters love them. Thanks for sending them so quickly.  From J.O. in Wisconsin


I have 4 granddaughters in 2 different households. They all love playing Barbies, and keeping them supplied with clothing is not an inexpensive venture. I just placed my second order with you. Your clothes are beautiful, very well-made, and excellently priced. I especially love that you sell clothing for the little sisters. You are my go-to place for Barbie gowns and outfits from now on.
K. M. from PA


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your doll clothes for my granddaughter's Barbies. I sew, but I tried making some clothes for them, and they just don't turn out as cute, so we got online and just ordered yours - much easier.  We even went to buy some outfits, but they were awful.  Thanks again for your site.

From K.C. in Nevada


Hi Jan,
We received the order within 2 days (very fast shipping).
I was very impressed with your customer service. It was great to get the emails for when the order was placed and shipped. But what I was most impressed with was the quality and attention to detail of the doll clothes. On Christmas morning, my daughter opened the box of doll clothes . She was so excited. After opening her gifts, she ran to get her dolls to dress them in the new outfits.  She has been playing with them everyday.
We plan on becoming repeat customers.
Sincerely,  M.L. from Texas


Jan we just received our order from you and my wife is so excited. We will be shopping with you again. Thank you very much and have a nice Christmas.

From J. B. in Texas
The clothes arrived and are nicer than I imagined! You do great work and the little grand daughters will love them!
Thanks so much, Merry Christmas!
From J.L. in Minnesota


I received the order I placed for the "sisters" clothing and absolutely LOVE it as will my granddaughters. It is very difficult to find clothing for the sisters so I have bookmarked your site and will check back periodically for more "sisters" items. Thanks so much!

From C. G. in Ohio


We just received our order of your amazing dresses. They are incredible!!!!!!  I can't wait for my daughter to open them on Christmas morning. We will definitely be ordering more from you. 

Thank you!
T. A.  from New York
I am DELIGHTED with my purchases!! thank you so much. Beautiful workmenship and attention to detail and tiny hands for dressing and undressing the doll!! 
From E.N. in PA


I wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous Barbie clothes! I'm in awe. You can tell a lot of time and love went into them, and I appreciate your fine work. My 14 year old daughter is starting to collect Barbies (and yes, still plays with them!), and I can't wait to watch her open this gift on Christmas. I will be bragging about the beautiful clothing I bought from your website, and hopefully more people will want higher quality items than they can find at Walmart. Again, thank you so much. They're absolutely wonderful. I will definitely be buying from you in the future. :)
Have a wonderful day!  From L. M. in Utah


I have recieved my 2nd order. This order is for my granddaughter for Christmas. I wanted to let you know that they are all so lovely. So well made and beautiful. I have shared your web site. I am so pleased with all the items I purchased. Thank You!
We received the clothes today and everything is great! The girls are having a fashion show tomorrow morning:)
I will give your website to the other mothers in my daycare. Thanks so much!
From J.B.  in Ohio
I just got my first order and I wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with all the items I purchased.  I cannot wait to give them to my granddaughter, she is going to be so 
excited. They are all so lovely and well made. I was so happy with them I had to go on line and place another order for Christmas. Thank you so much.
From D.T. in North Carolina
Hello Jan,
I received the order today & everything is beautiful.
Thank you so much & I will be shopping with you again.
Kindly,  M.F. from VA


Dear Jan,

I received my order today and I am thrilled.  The clothes are absolutely beautiful.  What a talent.  I just wanted to thank you. They are a gift for my granddaughter and I can't wait to give them to her. Thank you.  Thank you.  It's so nice to order something and have it be so much better than what you expected.  That doesn't always happen.  I will be ordering again.
Thank you,
 N.R. from Utah



Oh my Goodness!  I have placed several orders over the past couple of years and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful clothes.  My daughter has a vintage suitcase which is filled with your designs and our goal is to pack it so much that it won't shut!  The store-bought Barbie clothes are packed up and ready to give away as my daughter no longer has any interest in them.  PLEASE keep making these wonderful clothes as our family is soooo appreciative of you and your talent!  Thank you, Jan!

From C.M. in Michigan



Just wanted to say how happy my daughters are with the clothes!! I'm sure we will be ordering again in the near future.

From  B. L. in Pennsylvania



 My order was received today, and each piece is absolutely amazing!!  I am so pleased and happy and just wanted to let you know!!


Thank you for your expertise in making these tiny works of art – they will be treasured for a very long time by my 6 year old granddaughter and then her little sister when she gets a bit older.


I will definitely order again!


Best regards from a doting grandmother,

From B.E. in Georgia




Dear Jan,
My order just arrived. I can hardly wait for my granddaughter's birthday next week to give her these beautiful Barbie clothes! I know she will be thrilled, especially with the wedding dress and gowns.  I just ordered a few more things to round out the collection. This grateful Nana thanks you very much.
J. S. from Florida



Thank you Jan, for your gorgeous dresses and outfits! You're one-of-a-kind!
I have been shopping with you for several years and have always been thrilled every time I receive one of your beautiful and unique outfits.
Thanks again so much,     K.T from Texas



Hi Jan. The clothes arrived today (very quickly). They are soo cute. The quality is better than ones that Mattel makes for Barbie!
When we save some more money, we will be shopping again.

P. D.  from Indiana



Hi Jan,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I love the Barbie clothes! Everything was just adorable! My 5 yr old niece received these for her birthday and she was thrilled!
From K. P. in Georgia



Hi! Just received my first order of doll clothes from you. I am so thrilled with the quality . Beautiful hems, generous Velcro closures . Nice detail. The nightgown is beautiful! I ordered a wedding dress and more clothes today! My granddaughter Sydney loves the color turquoise , and I was so happy to order clothes in that color, I feel little girls love to put their barbies in gowns most of all . ThAnks again for these high end clothes at fair prices ! 


J.P. from New York






I received my order today.  My twin girls are going to love all their clothes.  I'm saving them for their birthday next month. The clothes are so well made and beautiful.  My girls are going to love the Hello Kitty pajamas.  The strapless floral chiffon gowns in pink and lavender floral print are so unique.  I can't say enough about all the beautiful clothes.  Thanks for shipping them so quickly...I was surprised to get my shipment today!!!  I will definitely be ordering more and plan ahead for birthday parties.


Thanks again,

L. H. from Michigan



My order was sent so quickly and the Barbie wedding dress was absolutely beautiful and so well made. The three pastel gowns will be for the bridesmaids. My granddaughter will be all set to play wedding with her dolls.  Maybe in the future you could add a flower girl dress for Barbie's little sister! I will be spreading the word about your web site.   
M. O. from Ohio



Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the excellent Barbie clothes!  It's been very difficult to find pieces like pants, pyjamas and regular shirts for my daughters dolls, and then I found your site and I can guarantee that I will be coming back to order more very soon!  Looking forward to any new additions to your website has in the future.  I will also be sure to let my friends know about your site.  Also wanted to say thanks for the awesome international shipping rates, unbelievable prices, and fast service :)
 J.P. from  Ontario, Canada



Just wanted to let you know received the clothes today they are beautifull, can't wait for you to restock some of your skipper and Stacie outfits, I can see I will be a return customer. You can not find clothes for these dolls in the store and your work is just fantastic, thanks again.

D. B.  from Michigan



The two dresses I ordered for my daughter arrive swiftly, with excellent and kind customer service. The dresses are stunning!!! I am not a Barbie fan, not a Barbie kind of gal or Barbie promoting mother. So, for me to absolutely love these items speaks volumes for the artistic vision,  creativity and quality of  Mrs. Collier's work. My daughter, unlike me, very much enjoys Barbie and making clothes for her. So, I purchased the nightgown, two dresses and matching shoes for my daughter's enjoyment. I opened the box and literally  gasped at how wonderful the dresses are, as is  the matching bolero jacket.. absolutely wonderful and lovely!
Thank you, Mrs. Collier, for sharing your talent with the rest of us!
All the best,  A. M. from Oregon



Just received the 5 items I ordered for my Granddaughters’.    I am so pleased with them, they will love the gift.  Beautifully made, reasonably priced, and lightening speed shipping.  Thanks so much, I’ll be back!


Merry Christmas!  from S.F. in Illinois


Hello Jan,
Just want to say that I was so amazed at the quality of the gowns I bought a few days ago, so I had to get some more.
You do beautiful work!  I wish you were at doll shows in the Atlanta area.
Happy Thanksgiving.   From L.M.  in Georgia
Jan, I just received my order of Barbie clothes and they are wonderful!  The quality is superb and the styles are just what I was looking for to share with my grand daughter as she plays with my old Barbies and Skipper. Thank you so much.  The new Barbies and clothing in the stores today just  aren't the same as the days of old!
Sincerely,        J. C.  from Ohio



Thank you so much! I loved the Barbie clothes and so will my granddaughter. Can't wait to see her open her birthday present!         from   C.S. in Montana



Love ,love,love my clothes so impressed ! Everything perfect ! Pleased with Valentine,Easter and Christmas. I let my 4yr old grand -daughter open the box and she oooohed and aahhhhhhed over every item. Her favorite was the Valentine dress. Thank you so much. I am so
happy.   from DB in Utah

I received the dresses and accessories on Saturday and they are just beautiful.  Your attention to detail with the undergarments was amazing.  Everything is so well made and exactly like the pictures on your website. I am doing a Halloween themed doll swap and the lady I am swapping with wanted some Halloween style clothes for her Barbies.  I got a Barbie at a thrift store and she is now dressed in the adorable sleeveless dress and will grace my Halloween/autumn tableau when I put it all up in October. 
I will be coming back to get more holiday themed clothes in the near future.  I am going to tell everyone I know about your site and hope that they will go there as well for really well made dresses for their Barbies.   M.W. from  North Carolina
Hi Jan,
I received my order today and the three outfits are just precious. They are so well made. I can't decide which one I like best.  My granddaughters will love adding them to our stock of Barbies.
We get Barbie dolls from garage sales and thrift store, and fix them all up nice and pretty, like new. At Christmas they are given to underprivileged children and older homeless women.  For most of the homeless women the Barbie doll is there only friend.  It is very rewarding to give a Barbie we love to someone else who will love her.
Again thank you and I know we will be ordering more clothes.       from L.M. in Texas
Dear Jan,
     I cannot tell you how excited my granddaughters were to receive you doll clothing.  They all want more, more, more!!   We will be ordering for the future.  The quality & the designs are just outstanding.  Thank you for providing this web sight for all to order from.    L.N.  from Pennsylvania



Received my order today. And I have to say I am so thrilled with what I got. I just recently started collecting Barbies and Barbie clothes. I've ordered from a few others sites, but yours has such quality and are so well made. I'm so impressed. I will definitely be back!        K.B.  in Texas


Hi Jan,

Received the Tux today and it's awesome,,I love it.
Thank You,                   L.S.   in North Carolina


It is always a special treat to shop with you when my granddaughter is here!! Thank you for your beautiful clothes!!!!     M.L.   in Iowa


Dear Jan,

 Today we received our order –  Hello Kitty Barbie pajamas and the pink sweater and leggings.  My granddaughter was so excited that they arrived and she absolutely LOVES them!  (My husband ordered because he has a paypal account and I don’t.)  It is wonderful to know that we can order clothes like this for Barbies!  All that is available in stores, as you probably know, are skin tight glamour clothes and they are not really very well made either!  We are so happy to have found your website and we will order again!  Thank you very much!   J.D.   in  Colorado


You do great work!  I received my order and everything is wonderful! I am quite pleased.  Thank you very much!





Hello. We just received the order of a wedding dress, 2 robes, a cowgirl hat and 4 stands. My granddaughter is very happy with them. They are perfectly lovely. Thank you for such a quick
delivery.    W.C  in New York


Just received the barbie clothes I ordered for my granddaughter!
I am ASTOUNDED by the high quality in every way of these
You do a fabulous job making these clothes and the styles are
just beautiful nothing like the low quality of the stores.
I am grateful to have found your website !
Thank you also for the very speedy shipping.
Thank you so much!    G.S. in  Pennsylvania
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